Amber is a soul poet, certified Red Thread Guide, Intentional Creativity Teacher, W(Rite) to Heal workshop facilitator, painter, musician, and Conscious Disruptor. Having grown up in the energetic and inspirational forests of the West Coast of British Columbia on unceded Coast Salish territory, she developed a deep appreciation and cosmic connection to her place in the world.

Amber started her journey with creativity as a young girl when she began playing piano and writing poetry as a means of expressing her wonderment at life. Shortly before her 7th birthday, she suffered an unexplained series of life-threatening grand-mal seizures that had her near death and comatose for many days. Reflecting on this time, Amber feels that some kind of ‘cosmic switch’ was turned on inside of her.

She awoke from that experience with a profound awareness of Universal Love, the connectedness and resonance of all things, and the significant and beautiful details that make up everything – whether it is a human being, a forest, a body of water, or an autumn leaf struggling to hold on to its mother tree. With an in-born wisdom and natural ability for paying attention to the details, Amber is able to 'feel into' the inspirational essences and energies that visit her. This has led to a free flow of creativity and self-expression in many forms that catalyses her in uncovering and undressing her inner and outer world. Her hope is that she can share this gift with others.

Amber's poems, paintings, and facilitation style are grounding, soft, hopeful and activating. Whether it is the art itself, a workshop she is leading, or a sacred Red Thread women’s circle, she has a gift for guiding others in and through very raw and real places of human experience, and into deeper realms of realization, clarity, hope-fullness and joy. Specifically, Amber’s poems feel to her as if they are pieces of the collective psyche she has lassoed down from the ether and translated into words to give them a body – a way to be witnessed.

Amber's desire is that her creative offerings would reach people in their own raw and tender places, providing a measure of healing and connection that replaces separation. Her dynamic Intentional Creativity™ workshops, W(Rite) to Heal workshops, Red Thread circles, and Red Thread Sessions are designed to help participants journey to their innermost places to unearth the buried treasure, as well as practice and experience the power of creativity and deeper self awareness.

in service to the sacred - a video