the foghorn

a distant spring
September 21, 2013
just a few blocks away…
January 8, 2014

from up here
perched on spongy earth
I see an ocean that is not the ocean
an invasion
a legion of hungry ghosts
advancing on a tall city
swallowing it up
erasing it 
one microscopic droplet at a time.

A foghorn bellows and moans,
its warning reaching me
way up here in the mountains
where I am unobstructed
“be careful, be careful, for none of us can see!”
I listen.
How strange to watch the top of my city
barely able to keep its head
above suspended water 
causing me to imagine
what it would be like
if it never existed at all.

Another bellow,
this time louder
and I am struck in the heart,
given momentarily
to the idea 
that we are all lost 
in the fog of life,
moving blindly along
ears attentive to guiding sound
that will prevent us from harm,
or from harming. 
“be careful, be careful, for none of us can see!”