dust, settling

West Coast Morning, 1991
May 2, 2010
December 9, 2011

your voice all around me as my foundation cracked and split

you fed me empty promises stirring my lifeless heart

realizing far too late you were insincere, unaware, incapable

new hopes drying up and shriveling away

I let the bird out of its lonely cage so could see its mangled feathers

and you turned your face away at the sight

putting its solemn image on your mantle of indifference

never brave enough to feel the pain

your cruelty, a dull knife, slowly murdering my kindness.

your coldness, a hot iron, searing shut the entrance of my heart

so many times I looked in your eyes and knew you couldn’t see me

charging ahead to get what you wanted, what you needed

so easily leaving me in your dust, settling

I have brushed it all away now.