remember the animal

I'm leaving this time
September 16, 2015
emerge from the whirlwind
November 15, 2015

I felt it necessary
to lower my body
onto all fours first.
Remember the animal.
And then with my cheek
Pressed to the cold
fecund earth
become a witness
of the Autumn
that lives tenaciously
Tiny ecosystems
locking arms
with each other
this perpetual
potage of Life.
From the ground up.
Decaying leaves
interconnected mushrooms.
Damp, spongy,
bright-green mosses.
Lively ferns
Shaking their tendriled hips
as rain drops
and a little wind
move upon them.
I feel the
breathing in and out
of this place.
I gather up the scent of this
collective breath.
Into my nostrils.
Into my body.
Remember the animal.
And listen
Listen still.
To the aria,
this One voice,
the Choir of Life
in absolute unison.
I want to remember.
This mystery.
The forest floor.
All these little happenings
They are perfect.
They are keeping the world