red lipstick

March 27, 2017
inside of sound
March 27, 2017

I woke up with…

starlight in my blood
that moved me to
move myself
get outside
be outside
be WITH myself.
The stars.
“Hello, my friend!”
I said to the part of me
running before the
sun came up
stomping out cracks
in the ice of
of her stagnant
winter-weary heart
proving that she was alive
even in the dark.
The water was all there
hiding underneath.
And then she crossed the finish line
home to warmth
and wisdom.
To stetching with
all the spirit dolls
catching her drift.
And then I saw the light
of a sister I love
kindreds of
the spacious morning hours.
She was making art
while I stretched
my body
awake again.
I put on my red lipstick
before I left for the day
made eye contact
and kissed her window.
Leaving my mark.
Red as blood
as woman
as birth
as dancing shoes
and tangoe music.
The colour of
a life awake.
For my sister knows
this colour.
Red lipstick to start the day
Red lipstick
because we are
boldly blooming.
Showing up
to beauty.