natural capital
September 11, 2017
chain. links.
September 26, 2017

What is a place?
A home?
Maybe there is meant to be
more adventure
and surprise.
Open space
We were nomads once.
Cherishing seasons
from place to place
At home in every place.
And what of this comfort in staying?
Is it that we stopped trusting our Mother to provide for us
Is it that we stopped trusting
each other?
Breaking the cycle of generosity
of generations
not altering the balance
because we
became afraid?
I question whether or not
I crave this comfort
too fervently.
To the extent that
it undermines
my sense of possibility.
Perhaps whatever angels
brought me here
are leading me now
to a comfortable
Back into belonging
to the Earth.
I should sing the songs I feel
I should hang them on the wind.
I should live like them
and nowhere
in perfect harmony.