natural capital

September 9, 2017
September 11, 2017

the exposed bodies
of kindred ones
Life snapped
and cut out
left to rot
in the quiet intimacy
of their own home.
Demolished and strewn.
Collateral damage
vibrating out
in all four directions
Unnatural acts
these crimes against nature.
A path once walked
as if through a temple
communion deep
feet over roots
eyes up in branches
down in the loam.
I should be wearing
a funeral shroud
bearing witness
to the decaying helpless ones.
Strong enough to withstand
a thousand lashings
from the winter wind
But who can stop
the hungry metal teeth?
Deny them their
purchased permission?
Stolen dirty
and arbitrary.
And so the whole forest
Hundreds of years
swallowed up
and disappeared
in a day.
Hauled away in chains
these slaves of progress.
Only roots and stumps and branches left.
An upturned graveyard.
in a cold instant
sharp and without warning
that it might take on value
in our eyes.
Natural capital.
Oh, mighty trees
strong and full of years,
tell me, please
Tell me.
When did we
stop seeing
Your beingness?

**Dedicated to a place we lost. To the places we are losing. The the places we will lose.**