just a few blocks away…

the foghorn
October 23, 2013
oh, cold mountain
February 1, 2014

There are moments
of aloneness
that seem to stretch out
all the way to the horizon
that you cannot see beyond.
There are nights
of disconnection
from anyone or anything
that pull the longing
for love
right out of your chest
and force you to stare it
square in the eyes.
How can we be here
without suffering?
Please know that I ache
just as you do.
I dream big
of togetherness
of goodness
of adventures
that haven’t yet
been realized.
And in the space
that exists
between now
and what is yet to come
I pray for you
to know you
are loved
you are worthy
you are being considered
by the generous spirit
of life.
Want what you want.
Feel no shame.
And let desire
break you all the way
Let it move you.
Let it shake you.
Let it alter you.
Let it embolden you.
But do not allow it
to cause you suffering.
For if desire brings suffering
it is not desire at all
but doubt in disguise.
Call it what it is.
Call it by name.
And whisper love
into its very bones.
over and over and over,
You will become…
You will become…
You will become…
until it loosens its grip
on your diaphragm
and you feel deep breath
is possible again.
And in that moment
of aloneness
let your soul feel
the fullness
and the beauty
of your lived desires
their happy arrival
with the uncontainable joy
of a child
hearing the telltale melody
of an ice cream truck
just a few blocks away.
Yes, be like a child!
And do not suffer.
Be like a child
and reach out.
Reach out
even farther
beyond that horizon
you struggle to see past
to the place
that circles back around
to exactly where you are
right now.
The place
you always have
and always will
in continuity
with yourself.
In the center of
an abundant universe
that has everything
you desire
in stock.
Like bubble gum ice cream.
Just a few blocks away, my friend.
Just a few blocks.