in between places

My fire
October 10, 2014
November 24, 2014

In between places.
There is a pleasant feeling of detachment
when you arrive somewhere
you never intended
just waiting to get to somewhere
you did.
There’s nothing to invest in.
Not a picture worth taking.
No time for tourist destinations.
I only have a date
with time passing.
Not knowing exactly where where I am.
Just knowing that…I am.
At the mercy of a few small safeties.
Clicking into the link
of a coffee chain,
suspending myself,
taking a moment to belong
only to this chair
and this table.
Out of place.
I start to disambiguate myself
when there is distance from the usual things
that define me.
I view my life as an object of which
I am the subject.
How do these pieces fit?
How can I rearrange it all?
I want to be a friend
to myself.
Take a holiday from my
usual tendencies
be a new white sparrow
on a golden branch
of ‘what is possible’
There is a deep inquiry
I wasn’t prepared for
happening here
while I’m stuck in between
just waiting
to get somewhere