The Re-imagining of Eve

the witness of moonlight
July 11, 2014
harvest moon
September 8, 2014

She was in the Garden.
Born there,
all at once,
Not of the rib of a man,
but of the pregnant imagination
of Life itself.
Somewhere, somehow,
it swelled and opened,
it moaned and bled,
and then
there was Eve.
First created woman.
Beauty given in female form
worthy of adoration.
The Goddess.
Curious the instant
her topaz eyes opened.
Deep breath
to charge the dance
that her body
Instantly felt and understood.
Toes sorting through the blades
of lush, soft grass.
Legs, chasing fast
after the touching points
of rainbows,
those magic archways
of her innocent paradise.
Full spectrum.
The mystery of light,
of colour.
that all her new
electric senses
couldn’t help but long for.
And so, she named them.
She painted herself with them.
She sat in awe
with each sunset
as the immense beauty
filled her eyes
her heart,
always open,
Allowing the thirsty soil
of her newborn soul
to drink it
Grasping the open hand
of living bliss.
Adam’s tender kisses
on her mouth
on her breasts
in the garden
of constant delight.
and strangers to shame.
Always free,
these eternal children.
Wizened deeply
by an intuitive sense
of Spirit.
Knowing love
without the word
without the limits
of language.
Expressed in gentle moments
of discovery
and play.
Days and days
of running, laughing, touching.
The communion of bodies
made for connecting,
Learning the art
of feeding each other
all that is good.
And there was fruit,
good good fruit.
Always ripe
and fragrant.
Set against the cheek,
She could feel its aliveness,
hear the melody
of the seeds.
The song of becoming
The song of EDEN.
She said, to him.
And lovingly peeled back
the ripe and ready flesh
of the apple
she had chosen.
She put it to his lips,
and trusting her,
he ate it.
Smiling at the taste.
Smiling at her divinity
and courage.
a nature-ral leader.
The first to taste.
The first to touch.
The first woman.
Born with a hunger
for all that is alive.
Born to bring life
into being.
deep in her heart that nothing in Life’s garden
could possibly be forbidden
for it is made
of Pure Love.