birthed into being

the soul's aperture
November 13, 2012
times a million times
December 8, 2012


this is where life gets good
where the meat falls off the bone
and you taste the tenderness
the fat
the deliciousness of it all

where the pieces of destruction
the debris of your life
become the building materials
and you realize that you have everything you need
to build your living house
your happiness
in you, around you – an endless and perfect supply
this is where you come to experience JOY
not as a mere wave that passes over you
washing up on the shore of the moment
but as an entire ocean that fills you
that takes residence in you
a vastness that becomes you
a new way of life
the butterfly breaking out of the cocoon
you could barely move before
and now you are flying
in living colour
in between the open flowers
this is where you keep the promises you made to yourself
that you would have a life of love and beauty
that you would not give up
but would pay the price
put your heart, your mind, your body into it
keeping the faith, the integrity, the truth
and never allowing the goodness
the deep *knowing* inside of you
to waste away
even when the cruelty of life has threatened to diminish
those deepest and most precious parts of who you are
you stood with your sword
and protected yourself
with all the strength you had
this is where your passions are realized
the light that casts itself beautifully
on everything around you
when you are not struggling to be
but you simply ARE
breathing, moving, in a dance with life
one that you trust completely
as it spins you around with perfect grace
a romance
a connectedness
pulling you in and pushing you out
dipping you down and cradling your neck
you have no fear at all
even with your head an inch from the ground
this is where you learn to trust yourself again
the puzzle pieces in your possession
the parts of you that were scattered
a diaspora of identity
all making their way back
one by one they they arrive home to you
a long pilgrimage
from the realms of challenging experiences
from the islands of pain and loneliness
from the furthest reaches of loss
with wisdom gained
and a WHOLE is created
your roots move deep into the ground
growing, growing, growing
your recognize yourself
what was once just a glimpse
a glimmer
is now a permanent way of being WHO you are
a shine, a patina
that will never wear off
you can look in your own eyes fearlessly
and say from the breadth of your heart
“thank you for giving birth to ME
for enduring the pain of becoming”
and this is where you finally
know what it means
to live at peace
with yourself