autumn jazz

tracking the colonizer
October 2, 2020
the wetiko within
October 7, 2020

I hear the murmuring
of autumn’s song
it is jazz
it is minor notes
some dissonance
a beat you want to follow
free fall
let go of it all
like the leaves do
It is the
‘start again’
the school year
sharpened pencil
clean slate
open book
ready for what’s coming
in light of 
what’s going. 
Noticing all around me
the old, and done
and gone
is letting go
and through
and the leaves
as they spin
and fall
with all this
good jazz
in my ears
that the same
decaying ‘done-ness’
inside of me
can let go too.
All cool like. 
And smooth. 
No big deal, 
I am not new.
No, I am not new.
I am just
with regard
to a few decaying things
completely through.