A branch not growing

to simply allow
November 30, 2014
I am just waking up…
August 20, 2015

I saw bitterness
A branch
Not growing
Not taking in nourishment
No place
For birds to stand and sing
Uncooperative with sunlight
Ungrateful for the
Of raindrops.
An unnatural development.
No more possibilities.
But all consuming
And still occupying
the space
Where Life could be.
And so I prayed
A strange kind of prayer
A prayer for death,
for demolition,
instead of healing.
A prayer to The Gardener
The Great Remover,
Divine LOVE,
to break and rid,
to cut and prune.
Tough .
To make empty the space
of counterfeit substance.
For in the emptiness
And along the raw and red
the tender outline
of the amputation site,
potential is reborn
It’s path,
in you,
I saw bitterness
A branch not growing.
I saw what was preventing me.
And I let LOVE cut me
as deeply
as I needed.