VIVID 2020 Online Gathering!

the wetiko within
October 7, 2020

I am preparing for and so fortunate to be one of many women leaders at the VIVID 2020 7-day online creative gathering! This is a unique event in which over 100 women will engaging together in the LEGEND Mystic painting process and personal and collective rites of passage of our own conscious design.

In my personal view, this is going to be the best thing about 2020 for me, and I am inviting all you women I know and love to join me. It’s a you-will-never-ever-regret-saying-yet-to-this kinda of thing. You know I only share what I truly believe is helpful, loving, dynamic, and easing of the world’s burdens. This experience is one of those things. There are scholarships available for those who need them.

I am deeply integrated with the work of Intentional Creativity, and stand by its special magic – it invites us into a way of working with creativity that most definitely creates transformation that defies explanation, on both subtle and very recognizable levels. No painting experience necessary. Just come as you are and enjoy a deep immersion into sacred creation, sisterhood, restoration, and self empowerment. I hope you will join us, womxn!