r e f l e c t i o n s

January 10, 2010

Winter's Room

Stillness prevails upon us. We are not moving, these pillars of flesh. Fingertips cold and gray holding up the silence and the calm. A restorative hibernation. […]
January 10, 2010

Tragic Salmon

We hopped from stone to stone to cross the angry river mindful of the spring current fierce and indifferent like a herd of stampeding buffaloes so […]
January 10, 2010


Tenuous. A word that had been standing at the door waiting to cross the threshold; I never thought to say it out loud. Tenuous. A wobbly […]
January 11, 2010

The End Of Self Sabatoge — Haiku

steadying my hopes, the albatross is flying I put down my bow