r e f l e c t i o n s

October 2, 2020


Here. In the stillness Underneath That place in which Your beingness abides Where authenticity is accessed and your voice rings clear in your own ears. Here you can readily catch the tail of your own true thoughts as they dance across the universe of ideas
October 2, 2020

tracking the colonizer

What does it take to be a colonizer?  To do the things, to cause the harms, to reap the destruction that Colonization has wrought?  What does […]
October 2, 2020

autumn jazz

I hear the murmuring of autumn’s song it is jazz it is minor notes some dissonance a beat you want to follow free fall let go of it all like the leaves do It is the ‘start again’ the school year sharpened pencil clean slate
October 7, 2020

the wetiko within

I don’t have the desire to be loud. To lead any charges. To rally or to bolster. To cheer up or to sober. I have had […]