r e f l e c t i o n s

December 2, 2019

calling all sinners

I am often asked If I believe in God… It feels like An unfair question Anything about Believing Or about beliefs As mine have so often Needed to Shift To accommodate New information New ideas And new ways of Being.
September 26, 2020


Noticing a swelling inside barometric pressures shifting and nerve endings stand to attention headaches and heartaches and womb aches and the desire to dance and surpass myself all in the same moment. Noticing Morning is holding on to night dark longer than last week
September 30, 2020

a moment for grief

Every day now, I wake up, and I feel it - grief. It is not a grief conjured up solely from my own personal losses. Although those have a part to play. It is a different grief. It is a lingering, low-lying, non-distinct grief. It is a grief that hovers, mixed with concern, with worry, with desire, with longing. A grief for something lost, or dying, or calling out for my attention, that feels like it is going to perish because there is no way for me to reach it. It is like a baby constantly crying somewhere in the distance.
September 30, 2020

don’t blame your Mother

I find it curious when people say things like ‘Mother earth is angry!’ to describe what is happening across the globe today. I have challenges with […]