don’t blame your Mother

a moment for grief
September 30, 2020
October 2, 2020

I find it curious when people say things like ‘Mother earth is angry!’ to describe what is happening across the globe today. I have challenges with the Mother Earth idea in and of itself, only because we are living in an extremely patriarchal and misogynistic time and calling the Earth ‘Mother’ feels dangerous to me for that reason –  although there is so much metaphorical connection to Earth as Mother. 

But to say ‘Mother Earth is angry’, or ‘She’s fighting back!’ or other expressions, translates to me as a strange conflation or deflection from the very significant truth at the heart of all of this – the climate destabilization we are experiencing is the result of our own actions. We have essentially gotten to the tipping point where we’ve started to reap destruction on our own house through a series of actions rooted in separation and lack of awareness of the consequence of those actions. 

The climate disasters we are experiencing are not a personal revenge story a scorned Mother Earth is playing out on us, it is actually much more impersonal (in a sense). It is simply related to how Systems work together in a complex and intricate balance, and can be thrown into chaos if not supported or respected. It is nature doing what nature does. 

What IS personal and what IS perhaps most troubling about our current experience is the part we are so powerfully playing as human beings in our own destruction, not the part the Earth plays in it. It is the part we play in the overshoot and collapse cycle. It is the part we play in being willing to harm one another and our more than human kin for profit and convenience. It is the part we play when we are unresponsive to and unhindered by the very real limitations of Earth as a Closed System after decades of warning from both indigenous knowledge keepers and the scientific community. And, I mean, even that hippie dude next door. 

Of course, the majority of these parts are played by bad actors and short-sighted, corporate elite-controlled governments, but there is also something of that within all of us. 

So no, I don’t say ‘Mother Earth is angry!’. I prefer to think, Earth and its incredibly complex, brilliant and intricate systems, are doing what they do, naturally. Impersonally. Without vendetta. We are simply being confronted with the sheer immensity of our own human powers of destruction right now. And it is awestriking. 

It is not ‘Her’. It is… us.