r e f l e c t i o n s

September 30, 2020

a moment for grief

Every day now, I wake up, and I feel it - grief. It is not a grief conjured up solely from my own personal losses. Although those have a part to play. It is a different grief. It is a lingering, low-lying, non-distinct grief. It is a grief that hovers, mixed with concern, with worry, with desire, with longing. A grief for something lost, or dying, or calling out for my attention, that feels like it is going to perish because there is no way for me to reach it. It is like a baby constantly crying somewhere in the distance.
January 10, 2010

Pain Dances

Pain dances on the stage of my soul, his feet forming points as sharp as spears. Silently he glides along this dark, abandoned stage, and I […]
January 10, 2010

Nature Has a New Face

The changing of the seasons, like the changing of the guard, Comes gracefully in the cool of an ebony night. With mildness and majesty an exchange […]
January 10, 2010

Something New Is Coming

The wind of change moves soundless. I feel it sweep bewitchingly over the back of my neck, exposed. A pleasant chill, a welcome rush of cold […]
January 10, 2010

will i recognize?

passion has abandoned me and without him the days are undecipherable his currency my creativity taken from me unawares squandering it all away in exchange for  […]