Red Thread Sessions



Do you have a desire to gain deeper access to your intuition, inner knowing, and subconscious information? Do you feel there may be areas where more self-awareness and self-friendship is required for growth to occur in your life? Are you seeking out true connection and witness?

Red Thread Sessions are one-to-one or small group Red Thread connection experiences that combine:
  • Red Thread ceremony, providing an opportunity for you to be fully witnessed and heard as you share your biggest ‘question’, challenge, or vision you are wanting to bring forward in your life at this time
  • Supportive and rich Intentional Creativity™ process to support you in navigating and uncovering subconscious wisdom and information
  • Sacred Conversation, which is a way of moving through conversation with a focus on speaking from an open heart, sharing your truth fearlessly, observing your thoughts, feelings and sensations, your inner critic and muse, having this all culminate into a clearer connection with yourself
  • A ‘sounding board’ experience where you can allow a free-flow of thoughts and feelings to be expressed aloud or in writing, helping to ‘clear the debris’. This creates space for new information, ideas, and ways of being to fill the newly-open space
  • Closing activation using the wisdom accessed and collected in our time together to become a written Statement of Connection that will be a focal point and reminder for you going forward
Of note, these sessions are not coaching or counseling, they are guided connection and creative explorations of the inner self. As an Intentional Creativity ™ teacher-in-training and certified Red Thread Guide, I support people in accessing a throughline of connection to self and others, clarity of ‘your piece’ (what you are here to cause and create in the world), and important information from the subconscious that can be brought forward through creative exercises. The aim is to make the unconscious conscious so you are in a more sovereign and aware place in your life. These sessions are powerful, poignant, unique, and fun. A new way of weaving some of the precious threads of your own experience together.


90-minute session - $85.00

120-minute session - $105.00

Group or family session – to be discussed (group rate)