Red Thread Circles

Are you a creative and soulful self-identified woman seeking meaningful connection with other women in your community? Do you delight in meaningful inquiry, self exploration, and noticing the magic of life? Do you feel the need to share and receive wisdom in the form of in-person story sharing and meaningful conversation?

Welcome to the magic of the Red Thread...

As a certified Red Thread Guide through the Intentional Creativity Foundation Amber regularly facilitates Red Thread circles in the community of Squamish. Red Thread circles are powerful containers for transforming our stories into possibilities, moving us out of isolation and into interbeing.

The mythology of the Red Thread is deep, old and luscious, stretching across the globe. The most prominent myth is that of the Red Thread of Fate, which is tied to the fingers of those we are meant to connect with, impact, or be in relationship with in our lifetimes. It speaks of fateful interconnection - the right people showing up at the right time.

A Red Thread Circle begins with the passing of a physical ball of red thread that is wrapped around each woman's wrist to represent our deep interconnection - the very iron red of our blood that traces all the way back to exploding stars at the beginning of time. From this place of sacred recognition, we move into inquiry and sharing. Each person present is able to speak her truth, as well as bear witness to others in circle, receiving the inspiration and beauty that resonates.

This is a powerful time of sharing, laughing, moving stuck energy, deepening body awareness, opening the heart to healing, and learning from one another. It is a return to the practice of connection and communion as a regular part of the feminine/village life. A return to the time when women gathered in circle to heartstorm, philosophize, and belly laugh in the face of adversity, finding the meaningful and powerful solutions to solve the problems of their times.

We are faced with many wounds in the world today - it seems the heartbreak of our post-colonial world is unending, and universizeable solutions often feel hidden or out of view. It is more important than ever that we build community, share wisdom, and strengthen our grassroots connections as a form of resilience and a container for inspired actions to be revealed.

Currently I am hosting bi-weekly Red Thread circles at various locations around the community of Squamish, BC. If you are interested in attending, please follow this link to where registration and information about these events is located.

If you are wanting to host your own Red Thread circle and are looking for a certified Red Thread Guide to facilitate this, please contact me at to discuss details. A Red Thread Circle is a beautiful sacred tool that can be used to celebrate births, hold space for healing trauma, join families together, conscious uncoupling, as part of a wedding experience, and much more. I am open to many possibilities! Let's journey together.

In the spirit of Connection,


For more information about the Red Thread and the Intentional Creativity Foundation, please follow this link!directory/map.