the welling up

the divide between us
September 13, 2018
unwritten, unbound
September 13, 2018

The welling up
Eyes become portals
Of wordless emotion
This is all
So beautiful
The only right thing
Right now
Is to cry
As warm
Sticky caramel
Ravishes the
Sexy green
Of summer leaves
Red haze through
The smoke
The summer of
Love and
any last
Of my
To show up
To be here
And not take
A single piece
Of perfect life
For granted.
This obstructed view
Of the mountains
And sky
is reminding me
To drink the water
While it’s still flowing.
To stand guard.
Stand guard.
Learn to protect
What is ours
And theirs
And no ones.
And to become
The crazy woman
I’m afraid of.
The one who
Enters the scene
Like a tattoo
On your face
There’s no going back.
Artificial comforts
Must all
be stripped away.
Bare and open.
Bare. Bare. Bare.
I want to
Make this fire
A holy fire
A sacred fire
That cleanses the
Stink of
From my
White skin
That breaks down
And transforms
To regenerate

Let’s walk
To the other side
Of the river
Where there are
No houses
No structures
No impossible choices
No political agendas
Corporate interests.
Just the eagles
Forever nesting
Always Coming home
Always coming home
From the sky.
I see her land.
Smoke in her lungs.
Hard to see her prey
Through all of this.
Knowing in her eyes
That creation is
A dream
We must tend
And keep alive.
Can you hear me pray?