don’t blame your Mother
September 30, 2020
tracking the colonizer
October 2, 2020


In the stillness


That place in which

Your beingness abides

Where authenticity is accessed

and your voice rings clear in your

own ears.

Here you can readily

catch the tail

of your own true thoughts

as they dance across

the universe of ideas

and possibilities

You access the counsel

Of all beings

And the counsel

Of your own being

All are heard.



Just the raw materials

Of your own interconnected dance with Life. 

Here wisdom is tending to your garden

She is pruning and nourishing

Clearing away

And making way.

You can ask her anything

She will answer

Although you may not always

Intuit her meaning straightaway


If you keep her words

In the employment of your

Heart and mind

It will arrive to you one day

like a long lost friend.

A happy visitation

Of truth you have been seeking

Aware of grace in motion

as this truth comes to

Find YOU.

Here in the stillness underneath

You experience a homecoming

Amazing isn’t it

How close to this home

You have always been

It’s ok, Dearest

We all forget our way


And then our perception

of the distance

Becomes skewed

Our soul equilibrium

Is disturbed

Off kilter

We draw close to that

which is the farthest thing

away from what we want

and we stray so far away

from the closest point of access

to our own beloved souls.

And yet,

there is a way back

and you will find it!

For here in the stillness underneath

A song is always being sung

A drum is always beating

The birds of imagination

Are nesting

The soil is rich and good

Creativity is dancing wildly

Reaching out her hand

Inviting you to join her.

Everything is ready

For you to take up