calling all sinners

coyote doctrine
December 2, 2019
September 26, 2020

I am often asked
If I believe in God…
It feels like
An unfair question
Anything about
Or about beliefs
As mine have so often
Needed to
To accommodate
New information
New ideas
And new ways of
So to this
I cannot say
“Yes” or “no”
As I suppose
I do not
Believe in
Believing in God
So much as
Holding the paradox of God.
Universal source.
That which is
So strikingly PRESENT
And so gut-wrenchingly
The laughter of flowers.
The magnetics of love.
The joy of birth.
The grief of death.
The Mandelbrot set.
The Fibonacci sequence.
The perfect math
That gives way to
Being, pattern, novelty
And in this
Newtonian framework
We’ve became certain of
Some things
Then, again,
More uncertain
Of others.
Like dark matter.
Quantum entanglement.
Climate destabilization.
What food to eat.
And some have declared
God is dead
Which begs the questions
Must They have been
Alive once then?
Senseless death
Is all around us.
Grace for some
Oppression for others.
Prosperity for some.
Poverty for others.

And so many have
Given God
A definitive persona.
[Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling]
Anthropomorphized the Divine.
[Calling for you and for me]
An omnipotent Male figure
[See all the portholes, He’s waiting and watching]
Who doles out punishment and reward.
[Watching for you and for me]
Who damns sinners
[Come home. Come Home.]
To hell.
[You who are weary, come home.]
And pulls the ‘Faithful’
[Earnestly, Tenderly Jesus is calling]
To His right side.
[Calling all sinners come home.]