m u l t i m e d i a


v i d e o s

o r i g i n a l_s o n g s

listen to the bones

For, do you not know, that the dead keep their teeth and will chew all the wires in the engine...

ancestors speak

feeling the old old song, coming on the wind of the ancestors. 

om gam ganapataye namaha

I've been trying too hard. Getting in my own way. It's time to move into the light." 

Wood Carver's Lament

The voice of the Earth, asking "When did you stop loving me?" 

Slow Down Fast

A song about slowly allowing yourself to shift and change and do what is needed to outgrow your history.

Temporary Shelters:

There are times in our search for connection that we settle for temporary shelter. Those who will only hold us for a while...to a certain extent...a dream that comes and goes fleetingly. This song is inspired by a story a friend told me about a homeless man drawing pictures of houses and selling them to passersby. They were his temporary shelters...the shelters that existed only in his mind as fleeting dreams and longings. Somehow, I related.

Thousand Layers

We live a complex universe full of mystery. At times the only thing I can make sense of is love - the force of it, the power of it, and the way it moves everywhere and across every distance, through a thousand layers of chaos.

Winter Strong

Spring lives in the soul. And through dark winters, we can depend on it reviving within us. We can hold out for it. In the winter of 2011, I thought that I would fade away completely...that I wouldn't survive my life. I watched the birds outside my window singing in the deepest cold, I felt comforted by them - that they were there with me and were were in it together. They showed me how to be winter strong.

Cool Water

There are certain sensations I encounter with deep breath and meditation. I often feel as if there is a fire burning out of control in my emotional center, and only the cool water of meditation, stillness and quiet leads me to a place of rest. May this short meditative song bring you to that same place of cool relief.